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why Torrance?

There is little doubt that most of the residents here in Torrance California live extremely busy lives. Work and social commitments, taking care of your families, and volunteering work all must be fitted in to a 24 hour day. In addition, we know that the people of Torrance are proud of their homes and work hard to keep their homes looking neat and tidy and serving as a comfortable castle for those that dwell within.So it is only natural that from time to time having some extra help with those cleaning would come in handy.

We here at Carpet Cleaning Torrance Inc. can give you the help you need with one of your most time consuming periodic chores, cleaning those carpets.Many people think having their carpets cleaned will be expensive, but when compared a professional cleaning with all the work and hassle of renting a carpet cleaning and cleaning your carpeting yourself you might just be surprised at how affordable having your carpeting cleaned can really be.


How We Work!

When your hire our services to clean your carpet, you make one phone call and we show up with all the products and equipment necessary to clean your carpeting and do the job while you attend to other more important tasks. When you clean your carpeting yourself, you need to find the time to rent the machine and purchase the cleaning products before even starting your carpet cleaning. You will then need to have a couple of hours or more to clean your carpets, which may or may not require you to shampoo them more than once.

Then of course you will need to clean the rental machine and return it to the store. Cleaning the carpeting with a rental machine not only costs you money, but takes time away from your busy schedule that could be better spent doing other things, so in the end having our professionals at Carpet Cleaning Torrance Inc. clean your carpets may actually be the more cost effective options.


Carpet Cleaning

We provide carpet cleaning services to a variety of customers whether they own their home or are renting a house or apartment at a time that is convenient for you.


Rug Cleaning

There is little doubt that area rugs not only protect your tile or wood floors, but also add texture and interest to your homes décor.


Upholstery Cleaning

One of the most difficult cleaning tasks for any homemaker is cleaning their upholstered furniture.


Water Damage

Living in California with its record breaking drought conditions it is difficult to imagine your home or business being in need of water damage repair.

Free Consultation
and Estimates

Here at Carpet Cleaning Torrance Inc. we take pride in offering our customers the very best services possible and we want you to hire us knowing our services are exactly what you are looking for, which is why we offer you a free consultation. During this consultation we will explain to your our cleaning methods, show you our state of the art cleaning equipment, and our organic cleaning products so you will understand exactly how we will clean that carpeting and what we do to get your carpeting as clean as possible. You will also have the opportunity to describe to us your exact cleaning needs and get a free estimate for the cost of our services.